stainless steel ground rod

With an experience that spans over 3 decades in devising some of the best lightning protection equipment, Tiefenerder stands tall among all its peers.

Ground rods play a vital role in lightning protection and no lightning protection system can be realised without these safety units. Each earth rod at comes with shortest paths, fast access times and high flexibility. Moreover, all these lightning protection units are VDE 0185-305 (IEC 62305) compliant and meets all required criteria at its best. Each one of the ground rods at Tiefenerder is designed to provide you nothing but only the best and efficient protection against lightning.

You can download the official catalogue that for a brief up about all lightning safety products available at Tiefenerder. The service is open 24×7 for any query asked via the phone or email. Just let Bratke lightning protection Material GmbH know where and when do you require the earth rods and consider it done.

Visit tiefenerder today to place your order. Remember, safety comes first above all.